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First Time Here? Start with The Expedition

A free podcast to help you feel more confident and banish low self-esteem

Most women go through life looking through the same set of views. They don’t see the best opportunities, they don’t ask for what they want, they miss out. Except you! I’ve got the actual, real-world views (scripts + case studies) that earned $905,000 for the entrepreneurs and business leaders who used them to ask for big things from big people. And I want to give them to you - for free.  

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Ready to Be a SmartAsk?

Learn how asking the right questions can lead to the next milestone

Ask your team for what you really want them to deliver. Ask a friend for a life-changing favor. Whatever it is, how you ask makes all the difference.

The Be A SmartAsk Guide will be available for digital download in Summer 2018! If you want it now, join REACH and get all the techniques you need!



Get Moving On Your Goals - Use The 3 Easy Steps!

You’re at the top of your game. You’ve accomplished more than most.

Chances are you've worked too hard and too many hours to get there.

What if there was a way to get more of what you want, with less effort? The 3 Easy Steps are all you need to make it happen. At last, here’s an easy way to get what you really want — without compromising your values. 

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Looking for Mo' Money, Honey?

Our guide will walk you through the steps you need to get a raise, a promotion or your next new gig

This high-level digital guide gives you the tools to remove blocks, ask the right questions, and get the leg up in your career that you deserve. Included are scripts and tips to coach you through 'the talk' with your boss, CEO, or hiring manager.

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