Getting to Know Annette:

How One Woman Transformed from A Nervous Young Worker into a Powerhouse Mindset and Communication Pro

It all started when…

At age of 18, I was helping a non-profit called The Hunger Project, as a citywide coordinator for Atlanta. In my quest to help reduce world hunger, I realized that my ability to ask for what I wanted was the single biggest success factor in my relationships and earnings, and in building effective organizations. Since then, I have spent more than 20 years helping entrepreneurs and executive leaders as for what it is that they want. I started my first company 11 years ago, energizing clients like American Express and Ogilvy & Mather to shift their mindsets and performance with conscious communication.

It’s important to me that you know: a defining part of my experience has been failure. I was not born successful. I’ve been kicked out of catholic school, dropped out of college, failed classes and relationships. I still get scared. But it is this—this unifying aspect of being human—that ultimately makes me and my skills as valuable as they are. It is the context behind the value I have to offer that triples its worth. It is knowing that I can start the day uncertain but end it more certain than anything that makes my methods so easily applicable to others like me.

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What results have you created for others?

I’ll let my clients speak for themselves... read all about their successes here.


Where have you worked?

Everywhere I’ve worked has always been geared towards helping people recognize and tap into their potential. Before founding my first company in 2005, I gained varied experience. I volunteered with The Hunger Project. I worked as Senior Program Director at The Leadership Development Institute, where I specialized in program enrollment and executive coaching for top management of companies such as Alcon Labs, Chevron, and IBM. I also moved some mountains at a global training & development company, where I led training programs specializing in leadership, communication, project management, public speaking to over 40,000 people.


What can you do that I can’t do on my own, get in a book, from a girlfriend or online?

You may be able to read a book, but can a book read you? No.

You may have access to resources online, but do those apps have access to your most personal dreams? Your deepest fears? No.

In fact, as self-aware as you might be, chances are you don’t even have full access to those things—we cannot see our own mindset blocks, because that’s what makes them effective blocks!

And sure, your friend may know you better than anyone… but her expertise stops there. She’s your friend, not a coach who incites breakthroughs for a living. That’s me. I give you the insight of a best friend paired with the knowledge of a New York Times bestseller—all in one—and that is the breakthrough tool you need to deliver results that exceed your (and everyone’s) expectations.


How can you help me get the results I want?

Trick question. I need to know the results you want before I answer that. Anyone who could provide a specific answer to that question is not offering you the degree of individual attention you need to change your life. But for the sake of this Q&A, I will say: by using a tailored-to-you version of the proven method I’ve used to help all kinds of women. And my method begins with asking: how bad do you want results? Are you open to try what I say? How do you respond to constructive criticism and venturing out of your comfort zone? Any coach that claims to deliver results without addressing these questions, will not deliver the results you’re looking for. People either don't trust me or they don't trust themselves. Which is it for you? We take it from there.


How are you different from other coaches?

Other programs give you tons of information. I remove information. What you know is likely getting in your way. It may be what has you stuck. When Amex brought me in, it wasn't because they didn't have enough trainers—they spend millions on their internal training department alone! They brought me in because I free people up to perform at work—and that produces far reaching results for achieving more.


My listening skills plus my wildly active imagination make me able to recognize and release your deeply rooted fears and disrupt your views (of yourself, your problems, how doable your goals are) by reframing things in a way no one ever has before. This immediately puts into motion change in your conversations, your behaviors, and your outcomes.

At the very core of what I do is my ever-growing understanding of language, human behavior, mindset, and neuroscience. Every tool used… every product + service we offer, is rooted in that.

My work (and this site) are here to support you in being able to notice things about yourself that you may not have seen before, so you can achieve more with less effort.

Lead more. Relax more. Have the life you really want.